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The Collège Marie-de-l’incarnation in Trois-Rivières; host of the 45th edition of the OÉ3R


The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that the OÉ3R is moving to a new tournament venue! After nearly 20 years at the Urbania Hotel, the tournament is ready to move up a gear and offer its loyal participants much more attractive playing and staying conditions.

Since the major change of helm undertaken in 2016 by the organizing committee that led to a change of name, image, formula and management style, the OÉ3R has been looking for a new tournament venue in order to offer improved playing conditions, notably with a single game room for all sections and more efficient lighting, while offering participants close accommodation – the “no need for my car” philosophy had to apply in the choice of the new game site as well.

Thus the Trois-Rivières Chess Club approached the Collège Marie-de-l’Incarnation de Trois-Rivières (CMI), to move the activities of the Club to this location and to lay the foundations of a collaboration for the organization of the OÉ3R. From the onset, the CMI has shown a keen interest in the Club’s activities and in the prospect of hosting this important tournament.

The CMI sees in this association, the opportunity to introduce teachers and students to the many benefits of learning chess, while participating in the success of a national event that has brought together for 45 years now, grand masters, masters, experts, seasoned players and beginners alike in one of the most important chess events in Canada.

Founded in 1697, the Collège Marie-de-l’Incarnation is a private and mixed elementary and secondary school located in the heart of the historic district of Trois-Rivières. The school has just over 750 students. It is the oldest school institution in Trois-Rivières.

The CMI will provide participants with a huge room surrounded by a mezzanine where the tournament will be held, and an adjacent analysis room with numerous tables, chairs, vending machines and, of course, a wi-fi connection. The CMI will also provide players with nearly 60 rooms (in the boarding school wing) that can be booked onthe nights of Friday 15 and Saturday 16 for as little as $40/night. More details will follow on how to book your room at the college. Also note that in order to offer a higher standard of accommodation, the Hôtel Gouverneurs de Trois-Rivières is only 150m away from the tournament site and it will be possible to leave your car in the college parking lot.

The new tournament venue is located in the heart of the historic Trois-Rivières district and offers a wide variety of restaurants and activities within a 1km radius.
The entire organizing committee team is convinced that this change will be greatly appreciated and will mark another defining moment in the growth of our event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Gilbert Mercure
Organizing Committee Director

[email protected]